With representatives from Florence, Dillon and Marion municipalities, the Pee Dee Regional Airport Authority Members are as follows:

Dillon County

Glenn Greene

A. Glen Greene, Vice Chairman (Re-elected 2/16/2022)
Appointed: 6/6/2014
Term Expires: 6/6/2018

Tommy Parham

Tommy C. Parham
Appointed: 10/6/1998
Term Expires: 6/6/2016

Florence County

Reney Josey

J. Rene Josey
Appointed: 6/2/2018
Term Expires: 6/2/2022

Dr. Daniel Ervin

Dr. Daniel M. Ervin
Appointed: 6/30/2018
Term Expires: 6/30/2022

Lee Neetles

E. Leroy Nettles, III
Appointed: 6/6/2012
Term Expires: 6/6/2016

Re-appointed: 6/6/2016
Term Expires: 6/6/2020

Florence City

Kerstin Nemic

Kerstin Nemec
Appointed: 6/6/2016
Term Expires: 6/6/2020

Stephan Bridges

Stephan W. Bridges
Appointed: 6/30/2018
Term Expires: 6/30/2022

Marion County

Joseph Powell

Joseph L. Powell, Chairman (Re-elected 2/16/2022)
Appointed: 3/15/2012
Term Expires: 3/15/2016

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Term Expires:


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